Beautiful large African wall baskets are available in many countries of the world. But Africans are unique in these baskets because of their size and workmanship. These wall-hanging baskets are made from very durable materials with a beautiful artisan finish that can be hung on any wall.

What are African Wall baskets used for?

Large African Wall Baskets are used to decorate beautifully and make the interior appear more stylish and inviting. These wall baskets are good for many places in your home such as the kitchen area, dining room, bedroom, living room, and even office rooms. They make a great addition to any room.

These baskets are beautiful pieces of art that you can use to hold fruits, nuts, or other small items while serving food on the table and can be used for any wall décor. 

What materials are African baskets made of?

Natural materials are used for the construction of African wall baskets. Baskets are woven from various fibers, both natural and man-made. The most common fibers include cotton, hemp, jute, and raffia. Natural materials provide a durable material choice for African wall baskets. These fibers are naturally resistant to moisture and bacteria which allows them to be used year after year without the need for breakage or decomposition.

How do you hang an African basket on the wall?

To hang an African basket on the wall, use a small nail or picture hanger. These are available in most big box stores and many hardware stores, as well. If you’re opposed to nails in your walls, 3M makes small Command Hooks that won’t damage your walls.

Who makes these African baskets?

Anyone can make this African basket. But many people don’t want to do that because it takes a lot of time to make these baskets. They put a lot of time, finesse, and labor into making them – so who wants to do that? Women in many countries including Africa make these baskets. We offer our respect and gratitude to all those hardworking people whose efforts are increasing the reputation of the country.

How much do large African wall baskets sell for?

If you decorate your walls with unique materials, you can spend a lot. But the cost of these baskets is much less compared to the labor of the workers. So you may like many African baskets for your wall

Here is a price comparison of some similar baskets:

Image Product Details   Price
Handmade Decorative Items For Wall Woven Wall Basket Decor Style: Rustic
Note: Our woven wall basket decoration set includes 5PCs
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Wall Hanging-Designs-Handmade Boho Wall Hanging Decorative Plate Color: Cassia
Note: Use a cloth or brush to remove any residue or dirt. Use a mild soap for deep cleaning if necessary.
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Wall Hanging Design Handmade Wicker Wall Basket Decor Material: Rattan, Plastic, Cotto
Room Type: Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room
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Wall hangings are a great way to add a decorative element to any room and can make a room feel more inviting. Since many African Wall Baskets have beautiful artistry, they can also add some cultural character to the designs in any room that you choose to put one in.